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Corporate Affiliations

Metal Locking Service Inc.
Specializing in emergency cast iron repair, offering on-site and in-situ cast iron repair services around the world.  They employ a precise, mechanical method
for making permanent cast iron repair without welding, brazing or applied heat
of any kind.



MMG Industrial
An emergency service provider, MMG Industrial specializes in Diamond Wire Cutting of reinforced concrete and steel. Available around the clock, on-site throughout the world.




West Metal Works, Inc. 
A custom metal fabrication company which specializes in pressure vessels, separation and processing equipment.   



S. Howes, Inc.
A process equipment manufacturer specializing in job-engineered equipment.  Mixers, blenders, screw conveyors, agitators and separation.



Howes Filtration
Manufacturer of job engineered filtration equipment for liquid solids separation including pressure leaf filters, tubular filters and parts.




Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Alliance
a trade organization comprised of manufacturers and suppliers throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region.  Its mission is to help members achieve business
success in a global economy through advocacy, advice, networking information, programs and services.