Where do we work?
We perform on-site, in-situ machining services world-wide.

Do you have satellite offices?
100% of all work we do originates out of our Buffalo, NY office.  We cooperate with several domestic and foreign equipment depots for the timely delivery of our machinery.  The Buffalo International Airport is listed in the top 50 of cheapest airports to fly in and out of and major carriers include: U.S. Air, United, Delta, Continental, Southwest, Northwest, Jet Blue, Airtran and a few regionals.   

What Industries do we serve?

                                                          Industries Served


Construction Equipment

Engine Rebuild & Repair

Food Processing & Milling



Gas Transmission

Injection Molding

Machine Tool Industry

Manufacturing - General

Material Handling

Metal Working


Paper Industry

Power Generation

Printing Equipment



Steel making



Wastewater & Sewer Authorities

Shipping Industry

Pharmaceuticals industry

What information do I need to supply in order to receive a quotation or estimate?
Typically we can quote a significant portion of our inquiries based upon customer supplied digital photos and correspondence.  Large-scale inquiries often require a site visit and presentation of scope.

Is there any cost associated with a quotation?
Typically there is no cost associated unless an inspection visit is required. At that time we will ask to be compensated for our travel expenses only. 

How fast can you start?
Our response depends on the level of job difficulty.  Domestic inquiries are much easier to respond to due to the lack of governmental restrictions.  Some jobs can be reached during the same day, some require prefabrication work which takes time, many require significant engineering - each job is different.   We are very adept at working with foreign governments to secure access and work visas.  Customs clearance of equipment generally becomes the governing factor with regards to response time.  We utilize chartered flights when time is short.

Can you work around-the-clock?
Our technicians are accustomed to working back-to-back shifts with 1/2-hour overlaps for updating and information exchange.  We are on-call 24-7, 365 days a year.  You will always get a live voice on the phone to address your inquiry.