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The FARO Laser Tracker ION is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FARO Laser Tracker ever introduced. The ION features a longer measurement range, lighter weight, and contains the fastest, most sophisticated distance measuring system: Agile Absolute Distance Meter (aADM).  We rely on our FARO Laser Tracker ION for applications such as; alignment, installation, component inspection, fabrication assistance, field setup, and reverse engineering. Replacing conventional tools such as tape measures, piano wire, plumb bobs, and even theodolites - the FARO Laser Tracker ION is a more accurate and reliable portable 3D measurement tool that allows us to streamline our processes and gain confidence in our measurement results. 

Distance Measurement Performance includes: 

  • Resolution: 0.5μm Resolution: 0.158μm
  • Sample rate: 10,000/sec Accuracy (MPE): 4μm + 0.8μm/m
  • Accuracy (MPE): 16μm + 0.8μm/m Maxim. radial velocity: 4m/sec
  • R0 parameter (MPE): 16μm R0 parameter (MPE): 16μm

Angle Measurement Performance

  • Angular accuracy (MPE): 20 μm + 5 μm/m
  • Maximum angular velocity: 180°/sec
  • Precision Level Accuracy: +/- 2 arcseconds

A laser tracker and its targets go hand in hand. Regardless of how
accurate the laser tracker is, the quality of the measurements is
directly affected by the precision of the target.