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Latest Projects

This page highlights our current and latest projects.  Pictures, location and a brief description of the work performed detail each project. 


Rockwell Automation called upon MLS Machine for on-site machining of 20 different components during a turbine outage at AES Somerset coal-fired Generation Plant.  MLS was part of an 800 man shutdown spanning 6 weeks.  All work was completed ahead of schedule and on-budget.

What happens when 1 of 2 compressors that supply your entire plant go down?  You call MLS that's what.  A spun bearing resulted in mis-alignment and crankshaft damage on this Worthington Compressor.  Within days, MLS Machine setup, sleeved, bored and honed the bearing bore back to O.E.M. for assembly with the reground crank.  All work was completed ahead of schedule and on-budget and the 600+ employees never knew the difference.

MLS Machine was recently called to machine a large Turbine Condenser on-site at a Cogeneration Plant in Ontario because the machinery and labor were not available in Canada.  We immediately mobilized men and equipment and cleared customs within 24 hours.  Total duration was expected to be 2-3 days to complete the machining of 3 separate areas with an included 14' diameter.  Our large 3-axis Climax mill made quick work of the job completing all machining over the weekend.  Our customer was extremely pleased to find the job completed upon their arrival Monday morning - 2 days ahead of schedule.

Premature traction motor failure was occurring on multiple passenger rail trucks due to the out-of-tolerance condition of the shock mounts.  MLS was called upon to provide an in-situ line-boring operation that would allow for a resultant bore with a tolerance of +/- 0.001" from the requested diameter.  A custom fixture was designed and built that allows for field service.  Nine units have been completed to-date with hundreds of possible units coming due over the next few years. 

When one of the largest construction companies in North America called us with a field machining problem, MLS responded.  The installation of four NG Turbines at the Panoche Energy Project in Firebaugh, CA wasn't going well.  Upon setting the Scroll Sub-bases, it was noted that the factory-machined mounting holes were significantly off-center (see photo on far right).  MLS was called to work around-the-clock to rebore the mounting holes on-center through 8" of steel support plate.  Our crew of 6 men completed the work required (112 total holes) using multiple single-axis boring mills.  Additional work of an exact nature is being negotiated on the East coast and in Italy through other contractors.

Our NB Clamshells have really been getting a workout lately.  The picture to the right depicts a large butterfly valve (12' diameter) with eroded seal captures.  Our 16" machine made quick work of facing each end for new seals.  On the left we have a clamshell that is set up to face standard raised face flanges that are out of tolerance.   Total volume is expected to be between 200-300 flanges on this one job alone.  

Our customer had a MAN B&W engine block with a cracked bearing saddle.  First we had to submit our repair procedure for approval to the American Bureau of Shipping.  The repair would require our metal locking and on-site machining techniques. We used our portable milling machine to remove the entire damaged area.  We made sure all corners had radii to alleviate stress points.  We then milled a piece of similar material to fit into the pocket.  This piece was "metal locked" into place.  Finally we milled the surface for a finish to meet OEM dimensions.

20 years of service resulted in significant erosion to the sealing surfaces of 10 flanges on 2 separate decompression chambers for the Mumbai, India based diving vessel Seamec III.  2 field machinists along with our Lloyds of London qualified welder were sent to the Willemstad, Curacao dry-dock for repairs.  Stainless steel weld build up along with facing and o-ring groove cutting were completed on-time and on-budget.

Astilleros Braswell International
maintains a large port in Balboa, Panama and they requested emergency on-site machining of 4 propeller blades for their Malaga Carrier. We immediately dispatched crews and equipment to work around-the-clock until complete. Our Climax FF6 Flange Facer made quick work of the job and the vessel was back on-line to meet its scheduled pickup.

When the Laboratory with the largest Laser Bombardment Chamber in the world needed on-site machining, they called MLS. We engineered, fabricated and tested a line-boring machine that was completely encapsulated within a sealed vacuum chamber. Actual machining of 3 separate bores was accomplished inside a Class 1000 cleanroom.

A piston failure resulted in a broken block on this Waukesha, which was located 1 hour offshore of Luanda, Angola (Africa). Our team mobilized for an on-site repair which included the attachment of a replacement piece via metal locking followed by on-site machining to finish. A water-tight repair was necessary and achieved. Neither rain, nor snow, nor distance can slow MLS down! 
International Paper called us when their Debarking Drum tire broke completely through. Within hours we had our portable machining equipment and tooling packed and shipped to the job-site in Selma, AL. We worked around-the-clock for 7 days until the job was complete. The repair included a 4" thick masterlock 22" long by 11" wide and additional scab plating to the outside of the tire. Working 50' above the ground in 95 degree heat and high humidity was a challenge, but our crew proved up to the task.

MLS was approached with a very difficult field machining operation. We engineered a unique modular fixture that locates custom Climax portable machining equipment to within 0.001" of desired position. The total operation includes: parting (see picture to immediate left), facing, line-boring, radius cutting and honing to 162 individual parts. Work was completed at 3 separate locations.  The entire project was completed by working 2 crews around-the-clock for 18 straight weeks. 

When this Calendar Roll frame broke, our customer experienced a drop of approximately 30% of their plants output capacity. Within 2 days of notification, we had our crew on-site in Virginia working around-the-clock and straight through the upcoming weekend. Our on-site milling machines made quick work of the masterlock pockets. Please see our Testimonial Page for a glowing report!

Refurbishment of this old Roll Crusher was necessary for our customer to maintain production. We received the unit in pieces and inspected thoroughly for damage. The unit was then sand-blasted and painted. All bearings were replaced and all shafts were reconditioned. Final adjustment of the spring-tensioners was necessary in order for the proper alignment of the crushing rolls. Lastly, we hooked the drive-shaft to our boring mill spindle and performed a "run-in" test.  

Our customer presented us with a scored and worn single-throw crankshaft and a cracked connecting rod. We performed a dimensional take-off on the old crank and machined a new crank out of 4140 stress-relieved material. The connecting rod was repaired via our metal locking technique. All new bronze bearings were inserted and machined to match the new crankshaft and the repaired connecting rod.