MLS Machine Shop specializes in emergency on-site machining.
If your job requires:

  • Portable Milling
  • Portable Line Boring
  • Portable Journal Turning
  • Portable Flange Facing
  • Portable Keyway Cutting

...we cover all the bases.

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MLS Machine Shop, founded in 1942,  specializes in emergency on-site and in-situ field machining. In addition, our in-house capabilities include: large horizontal and vertical boring mills, lathes, grinders and cutting tables.  Our in-house and portable machines work in harmony to provide you, the customer, with world-class turn-key services at competitive prices! 

Our portable machining services include: milling, line boring, journal turning, flange facing, valve boring, cylinder honing, beveling, parting, keyway cutting, heat-treating and stress relieving. 

We offer around-the-clock on-site and in-situ machining services throughout the world! MLS Machine Shop is proud to be based in Buffalo, New York (USA).